Learn Hip-Hop, K-pop, Salsa, Ballet, Tango, Jazz, Pole, Belly, Cha Cha, Bachata, Reggaeton, Pop & Lock and many other Dance Class with Dance K classes in Singapore.
Search our Health, Healing & Exercise courses and seminars to suit your latest needs to be Healthy & Fit with Dance K classes in Singapore.
Pick a Hobby and Grow your Interest in Korean pop, Hip Hop, Ladies Dances and many Leisurely Fun with Dance K classes in Singapore.
Improve your dancing skills and train up your ability and dance Techniques with Dance K classes in Singapore.

Learn & Discover Culture & Arts with Dance in Singapore

Try our Dance Classes at great prices! DanceK offers Korean Pop, Hip Hop, Salsa, Ballet, Jazz, Tango, Bachata, Kizomba, Rueda, Zouk, Yoga, Rumba, Cha Cha, Samba, Jive, Waltz, Salcaa (Body Isolation), Reggaeton, Pop & Lock, Pilates, Belly Dance, Tap, more

Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

1) I hereby declare that I am certified fit for dancing. I will not hold the company responsible in anyway for any injury or other unpleasant happenings during and after all dance classes. I am aware that some of the advance classes may have some degree of danger and I will take all responsibilities to be careful while attending the classes here.

2) I am informed that videos and photos may be taken during events and classes conducted by the company and agree to allow all rights of the videos and photos to the company. In the event that I wish not to give away such rights I will have to voice out before any of these sessions and omit myself out of these video or photo taking sessions.

3) I agree that I will not harass, solicit sales for another establishment from staff, customers or members of the company. Any form of solicitation for another establishment in any aspect, indulging in politics or any mild form of harassment may result in the immediate termination of any membership without any refund.

4) I understand that classes are non-transferable, there is a validity period for the classes and there are no refunds for any classes not attended. It is my responsibility to make sure I complete the classes before my course expires.

5) I will make sure that I will only attend classes that I have paid for. I understand that attending classes which I have not acquired approval for or trying to enter the club or using the club facilities without approval or payment is a form of cheating and the company will deal with such issues seriously.

I know that abiding to the above terms and conditions will help enhance my enjoyment & make my stay here pleasant and addictive.

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